Reasons Why It is Important for Your Business to Upgrade to a Responsive Web Design Sooner

A responsive web design is nowadays the go-to answer for companies and businesses that desire to have a high customer retention rates and interfaces that are customer friendly. A business that is yet to take advantage of the benefits offered by this type of designs could have started experiencing lower visitors and conversion rates. It is usually hard for business owners to pay up for such upgrades but they could be convinced if they took time and compare the return on investment they stand to get. Responsive design has gotten better than what was previously there in the world of website design and every business requires it in order to compete effectively as well as for the reasons discussed below.

Quick and Smooth
A web design that is responsive proves to be crucial for your business as it allows your customers to experience all their goals in a quick and also smooth manner. This ensures that the most crucial elements of your business website will be capable of being pulled up on your customer’s smart phone. The website will appear in its fully functional original version in the same way it would appear on a desktop or a laptop. Making your business website to become mobile-friendly will ensure that your customers hang around on your website and that they are not tempted to go to the websites of your competitors. Customers nowadays prefer sites they can access on their smart phones due to lack of adequate time to look them up on their desktops or laptops owing to their busy schedules.

Improved Search Rankings
There are two major things that can cause a business to fail at a very fast rate. These are unhappy customers and going up in opposition to a search engine. In the recent past, Google, a major search engine, has revealed what was previously thought to be rumors about Google rankings of websites. A website that has not been optimized to be used by multiple users always slips down in their search rankings. This could potentially destroy your business as your website will not appear among the top search results when potential customers search for it. It could be relevant to their search queries but since the website would not be capable of being accessed across several devices it would get negative reviews. These negative reviews could affect its rankings on search engines which would make it to slip lower and lower.

Going for a responsive web design would make it easier for Google bots in discovering your website fast and ensure that it ranks highly on the search rankings. The presence of only one URL will aid in making this discovery process fast and that will ensure that your website will rank in the first page. Many people tend to choose the websites that appear on the first page. Therefore having a responsive website will guarantee you of increased traffic and thereby increased revenue. This is because it will be much easier to increase the conversion rates of the potential visitors to your website into buying customers.

Lots of Apps and Tools
If your website is the responsive kind and one that will be ready to serve even customers using mobile devices, then it would present you with a chance to take advantage of various helpful apps and tools. There is a click-to-call button that is embedded in these sites during their web design process and it enables customers to place voice calls to your business immediately. Potential customers will also be able to read the reviews that your business has garnered from its past customers and enable them make a decision to seek the services you offer. They can also find you easily in an area that is busy using the Google maps.

It is one of the surest ways to build lasting relationships with your customers in order to make them always come back to your website. This is one of the major advantages you stand to enjoy when you opt for a responsive web design for your business’ website. People do not like websites which they find hard to navigate. If you wish to create a brand that is uniform in order to keep customers coming, you will require going for a web design that is responsive. This will ensure that you have a web appearance that is consistent making it easy to enable your clients reach your business.

In the online market today, there are only a few reasons why a business would prefer sticking to the static web designs for their website pages. It could be it does not rely on the traffic it receives on its page for sales or maybe it does not have any competitors at all. However, for any other type of business that wishes to stay always ahead of its competition then it must look into responsive web design as its way forward.


Responsive web design is the answer to the varying sizes of monitors, tablets, and mobile phones. With so many screen sizes today, it’s so hard to keep track, and it’s also very impractical to create a separate set of codes for each to ensure “proper viewing” of websites. Imagine, a traditional site with dimensions of 1280×800 is accessed by a smartphone that’s virtually the size of your palm. If it doesn’t have a responsive web design, it would be tough and annoying to view it. There would be too much scrolling, up and down and sideways, just to see the site.


On the other hand, with responsive web design, switching from laptops or desktops to tablets or smartphones is a cinch. Web sites will automatically detect and adapt to the screen size and display its contents in the best possible way. Aside from that, it will also respond to how the user holds the device -landscape or portrait.

Responsive web design aims for fluidity and flexibility. One of the techniques used to achieve this is by automatic image adjusting. It’s either the entire image is reduced in size or only portions of it are displayed. Another technique is by changing the layout of the website. By rearranging elements like the navigational bar, logo, text content, smarter use of viewing space can be achieved. If the original web design permits it, automatic reduction of resolution is used where practically a scaled-down version of the original site is displayed on handheld devices.

Although it seems that responsive web design is the answer to the problem posed by different screen sizes, it still has some limitations. That’s why it’s crucial that devices with relatively small screens should be considered right from the start when you’re designing your website. The use of mobile devices for browsing the Internet, locating businesses, and shopping online is continuously on the rise. So, it’s smart to make sure that your website is perfectly view able and functional when accessed through mobile devices.